Dying Wish

The people looked so tiny, like working ants pacing in a million directions

The cars looked like little Lego pieces thrown recklessly in a colorful garden

The trees looked like chunks of live broccoli swaying ferociously

The lakes looked crystal-like, shimmering in the sunlight and moving to the sound of the breeze

It was the most beautiful and the most terrifying sight I had ever witnessed before


The wind howled and roared over the city

But the sun welcomed her inhabitants

My insides beat me down, “you idiot this is insane”

My heart stood up for me, “it’s a once in a lifetime beauty to be experienced”


For a person with a fear of heights, jumping thousands on thousands of feet out of a plane seemed suicidal

But with a week left to live, suicide was not at the first thing on my to-do list

I stuck my hand out the door and the gust of wind shoved me back like a current



I paced myself, preparing for the jump

The jump that drops me, leaving me solely in Mother Nature’s hands

Completely vulnerable, under no supervision and left weak, completely helpless


I chose to use my dying wish to conquer a beloved fear


It was now or never