Unintentional Reflections

I’ve seen your face in trials of sorrow,

Tears streaming down in fears of tomorrow,

Laughing, crying, I’ve seen it all,

Placed on each and every wall


Perched I sit as you stare,

Sometimes clothed and sometimes bare,

You change directions and look at me,

I fear negativity be all you see,


I’ve seen the ups; I’ve seen the downs,

I’ve seen different sizes, shapes and pounds,

I’ve seen the good; I’ve seen the bad,

I’ve seen different features your body add,


You look inside of me to see your own impurities,

While I feel the guilt for your insecurities,

Like a journal you look inside,

In fear of things you cannot hide,


I can’t say a word but you leave me, crying,

I swear to you I’m not trying,

And for what I beg and plead and fear,

Is that you wont listen for I’m just a mirror.