I lay still, breathing slowly.  On my bed I rest, after a long and thoughtful life.  My daughter is sitting next to me, comforting me in my final moments.  My wife passed away a couple of years ago.  As I lay there, taking swift and shallow breaths, I begin to look back on my life.  Passing through the memories of a lifetime brought happiness and sorrow to my face.  My daughter grabs my hand in hopes of comforting me.  As I smile from all the happy moments, I also shed tears for all of my past regrets.  As I stare at the ceiling I see a dim light appear out of nowhere.  My belief of it just being my imagination quickly left my mind as the light grew brighter and brighter.  It starts to advance in my direction, getting bigger and brighter, until I can see that the light is at the end of a tunnel.  Seeing this as my end, I pat my daughter’s hand for the last time and draw in my last breath.  Escaping the motionless form of my frail body, I float up towards the tunnel.  At the entrance, the tunnel is rather large, and slowly becomes smaller as it gets closer to the light.  As I head down the tunnel I feel myself forgetting some stuff; small stuff at first, like the bit of French that I knew.  But as I continue down the tunnel I start losing basic knowledge, like, wait, what was that word I was thinking about?  Slowly losing my massive vocabulary, I also notice that I am getting smaller.  The closer I get to the light the dumber and smaller I become.  I also start hearing unrecognizable voices at the end of the tunnel.  When I am close to the light I am forced to crawl, now the size of a baby.  I remember nothing of my past life.  My head emerges through the hole and I see a blinding light and lots of blurred faces all around me.  I try to remember my life, hang on to a segment, anything.  Nothing.  I cry from the nothingness left in my mind.  I cry because it is now the only thing I know how to do.