High School

Freshman Year:

The hallway is filled with nervous cheers.

A new school, new people, new beginnings.

The anticipation of what lies ahead is the motivation.

Four more years of excitement.


Sophomore Year:

Things have changed, no longer the bottom of the food chain.

New school seems familiar, new people are now your people, and new beginnings still lie ahead.

It is the best year. Little stress, more rest, and less anticipation.

Three years to go.


Junior Year:

The stress begins to pile up.

The new school seems old, the “new people” become soul mates, the new beginning has begun.

The worst year. The most workload piled into one year on top of planning your future.

Two years to go.


Senior year:

Hooray! The year has finally come, one year until we’re out!

The new school has now become a memory, the new friends are forever, the beginnings are old.

Let the fun begin and the senior slide set in. Your life is changing before your eyes.

A new school, new people, new beginnings.

But this time in a different place.

I wish I had four more years again.