Humpty Dumpty by Sarah Corneliuson ’20

I’m empty   empty     empty

I don’t feel anything at all

I feel just like humpty dumpty

Who fell off that wall


                    But I fell

                               into nothingness

                                       I fell into

                               never feeling well

                    I just feel––



I’m too young to feel this way

          But yet here I am writing

                              To get away

                    Writing to feel like I can

          Writing to feel okay


                              I know I need to open up

                              Crawl out of

          This darkened shell

                    I need to build up

                                                  To where humpty dumpty sat

                                        Before he fell

                    But again

                              There’s the hopelessness

                                       The feeling of

                                                 Never being well


    I don’t ever               

Want to feel this way                   


But this feeling          

Just makes me want to give in