Steps by Tia Sposito ’18

Little feet and little hands

Crawling about the kitchen floor

A little girl brought to stand

Like a light, an open door


Crying, laughing, planting seeds

Roots they sprawl, twist so tight

Like gasoline the soul it feeds

Such beauty, it is in sight


A fruit loop in cheerios floating

Massive snow forts, tiny gloves

Like a lone wolf, always noting

High and low, looking for doves


Music in headphones, walking

Chocolate chip cookies, flared jeans

Moments pass and we keep talking

Shoes too small, growth it means


Numbers, questions, plans countless

Jeans, Converse, foundation cake

Trends, sciences, it was boundless

Tick tock, now decisions to make


Who? Is asked, who wore it better?

Tracks on teeth, grease on gears

Algebra, PB & J, a big blue sweater

Walls crumble, all the years


Dimensions analyzed, seems the same

Hills turn to peaks, the snowball grows

Our identities, known is our name?

Suddenly a forest, now everyone knows


States and bunks, we will be apart

Mountains and miles, light years away

Never we see, always in our heart

One sea moving, to days less grey