The Way She Was by Tenley Gage ’18

It was so effortless.

The way she would throw her hair up; Strands of hair lined her face as if they were trying to whisper secrets.

And she would tie her shoelaces around her ankles like a ballerina.

Another thing she would do often was wear two different socks.

She would laugh and explain that the decision of just one was too difficult.

So she wore both.

I loved it when she wore both.  

She would order a London Fog in a British accent because she thought it sounded better that way.

And with that London Fog, she would always add three sugars and honey.

Sugar because ‘“tea needs to be sweet’” and honey because she loved the way it made her tongue feel.

When she would get nervous, she would spritz herself with lavender oil; by the end of the day she smelled of an herb garden.

She was nervous quite a bit.

She was funny that way.

In all of her ways.

It’s just the way she was.