Expectations by Will Janda ’19


Have you ever just stopped, felt the expectations on your shoulders.

Beared the weight of the assumptions, straining just to not fall down.

Parents, teachers, friends, everyone, expecting you to act much older,

Than you truly are; you’re just a kid, struggling to stay afloat, trying not to drown.

You have to be better than that, you have to be the smartest,

And if your not, I guess that means you’re gonna work the hardest.

Your parents are successful, so tell me, why aren’t you,

Should have planned out your life by now, but you’ve got absolutely no clue.

You have to fit into the standard, you want to be cool

Might leave you hollowed out, that social life can be cruel.

Be the best in your grade if your gonna get into college,

But let’s be honest, you have no idea what your gonna do with that knowledge.

Get your degree, find a great job, make some money,

May not really work out like that; life can be pretty crummy.

Be successful, stay hungry, go find yourself a wife,

Doesn’t really matter what you want to do with your own life.

Success leads to stability, peace of mind, makes you happy,

Don’t think about the dreams you left behind, that’ll just make you feel crappy.

 Expectations are like a parent who is overbearing, but I digress,

When it comes to their standards, your own life goals could matter less.

Life is all one big test, and you’re expected to be the absolute best,

But honestly, guys, just give these expectations a rest.

Time’s flying by, life’s going way too fast,

Can’t remember what you used to truly value in the past.

You’ve worked real hard, become successful, found yourself a wife,

You have three kids, a nice house; you’ve got a pretty nice life.

Before your children get too old, make sure to lay stable foundations.

And don’t forget, make sure they’re clear on your expectations.