Little Successes by Matt Nachbor ’20

Little Successes

This morning I was successful. I achieved success in brushing my teeth, in eating the small, unhealthy breakfast of eggo waffles smothered in butter and syrup, and in successfully arriving to school on time. Little wins like the ones mentioned prior are something we all can take pride in. Throughout your day, if you pay attention, you will soon realize and appreciate the little accomplishments you make all the time. When you breathe and think and learn and laugh and cry and fight, you are successful. Every time you smile and wave at the old man walking his dog on the side of the road, you are succeeding. Don’t let the world around us brainwash you into believing that success is something that comes with the stereotype of being rich and popular. Refuse to believe in the silliness of that concept. Refuse to believe that the wealthiest and the most popular are the most successful. Never be afraid to do your own thing. Always stand up for what you believe in. Don’t ever forget who you are, and don’t stray away from being yourself. Pick out the little accomplishments of your daily routine and take pride in them.

The dictionary definition of success is, “the attainment of popularity or profit”. But, success is so far from that. The most successful people I know are not the richest, and they don’t always have the most friends; they are the people who cherish every moment of their lives and firmly believe in who they are as a person. They are the people who find success in the little things, just as I do every morning when I toast my eggo to a perfect golden brown.