Interpretation by Maizy Jackson ’19

Wanderlust and hundreds of colors

You don’t know what’s before you

What’s real is often quite deceiving

But you imagination pulls you closer

To see the infinite universe

Some say its space

Others say say its waste

But you know it’s neither

Children are the best of us

Because they don’t speculate

We always question the nature of this earth

Instead lets just accept it

How can someone know?

When there’s so much to show

What’s real and what is fake

So many different patterns

There’s multiple shapes

But could they be snakes?

Or flowers in a meadow?

Why stress so much on things that don’t matter

If magic is real, it makes no difference

Were still living the same way

For kids believe in anything

And excite over everything

Embrace your inner child mind

Then look up in the sky

Perceive it how you want

But only I know the truth

What lies before you

Has no answer.