The Covers of Books by Grace Juckniess ’19

Walking outside on a cold winter evening,

stepping through the doors of a restaurant,

crossing the street, shopping at the mall,

going to the grocery store, working out at the gym.


Our eyes glaze over hundreds of people a day.


In their cars,

at the hostess stand,

on the treadmill,

picking out a new top,

or in aisle 7 picking out a can of soup.


We don’t know their names.

We don’t know their stories

or where they live.

Are they having a bad day?

Where are they coming from?


Rather, we think we know them

just because we stared at them for less than 10 seconds

and decided to pluck out every imperfection we could

get our hands on.  


His hair looks messy,

That shirt is way too flashy.

She’s too short.

And we consciously equate that to whether

they are kind, funny, or smart.


Our eyes glaze over hundreds of people a day.


Yet we don’t care enough to think of them as true people,

with their own unique styles.

Styles that we could possibly relate to.  


We are stuck in a world of books

filled with a million pages and

stories within them.


And people who only care enough to look at the covers.


Turn the page.