The Cup of the Covenant by Luis Mojica ’19

The Cup of the Covenant


My baby,

My lover,

My one true companion,

If there was only you in this world, I would have no grievance.

I’m never not entranced by your blonde, soft hair.

Your eyes remind me of a beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

Even though people often are unsatisfied with your shortness

I find it cute, personally. Modesty is never a bad thing.

Normally, you’re always cool, never moving or changing for anyone or anything

But with me causing the slightest trouble, you always seem to get hotheaded

And when we are together, your skin is always warm to the touch

Like a well-lit fireplace in the heart of a ski cottage

Yet you even surround yourself with walls for fear of hurting others

When I know that you are willing to share your love anytime and anywhere

Being with you makes me want to forget the past and only look to the future.

Your sweet and gentle nature makes me relaxed, as long as I don’t mess anything up

Most people think you’re simple, but I know that on the inside

You’re so much, much, much more complex than anyone else would dare to go

My only regret is that our time is limited

Using your own energy to invigorate me is unfair

I hate seeing you drained so, solely for my sake


You are a definite blessing from the Lord himself, an angel from the heavens

Come down to this unworthy Earth to supplant it with your goodness

To provide for those in times of need

And equally for those in times of greed

You are the one most precious to me

I shall love you forever.

I shall like you for always.

As long as you remain as instant cup noodles, my Holy Grail,

My cup of the covenant you shall eternally be.