My Actions by Taylor Anderson ’19

“My Actions”

People fear death, hate, rejection

They fear others freewill so much they oppress their own,

They live so long only to see their life amount to the spare change in their pocket


Life is not simply meant for meaningless tasks,

It is meant for interaction, experience…. all things human

It’s meant to be messy, so why do so many of us fear what happens next?

Why do we shelter ourselves from change?


People fear one action altering their life eternally

But aren’t alterations what make each of our lives unique?


It’s what separates you from your neighbor,

Your teacher from your friend,

It’s what makes your story worth all that you are


When I was 4 my mom was scared I’d break my arm while learning to ride a bike

When I was 16 my dad was petrified I’d get in an accident while driving the car

Yet, I still scraped my knees, and I still hold the old license plate that was mounted on my back hatch


If they were so protective of my well being why did they let me? Why would they risk their baby when they know these things could cause harm?

Who’s to say other life-changing decisions should always be made in the name of safety when everyday skills could be just as leithal?


Far too many people on this earth waste the time they find so precious,

Far too many people don’t see what they miss till its gone,

Far too many, stay in their box because the outside is too uncomfortable


Not me,

I will not for the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,

I ask you not to fear death, for death comes to all,

to embrace each action that creates a reaction,

Because those define your story

They define all that you are