Social Media by Caitlin Fox ’19

The consumption of a teenager’s life

Nearly all of us can relate

Picking up our phones hundreds of times a day

Right when you wake up, at school, in the bathroom, while you eat

It’s second-nature, we bring our phones everywhere

Little glowing box always in our hands


Time gets away so fast  

Multiple hours feel like seconds

Getting caught on a YouTube tangent; clicking on video after video  

Suddenly we are up all night, it’s social media’s fault

Regretting it in the morning; the impossible task of rolling out of bed


Concentration is impossible when the phone is around

Once we hear that little vibrate or ding of a notification, there is only one thing to do

We are obliged to check on it

Curiosity controls our lives, what is it this time?


What comes after looking at that alert?

Are you going to respond to that text or snapchat?

Are you going look at that instagram post you were tagged in?

Questions swarm into your brain. How do I respond? Do I respond?

Is this person going to respond fast enough? What are they going to say next?


Instagram is thought to be the greatest judge of a person apparently

Scrolling past pictures of selfies, friends, food; everything under the sun

Although many don’t read the entire caption, according to most, it’s the deciding factor of a post

What’s going to be my caption? Everyone has asked that question at least once

The picture itself is what people see

This is how they judge you, one swipe through your feed is you

Definition of your entire life


Our culture is obsessed

Social media has hypnotized our world

To the point that our accounts are our life

Doesn’t a picture tell a thousand words?

Or is there another story behind that picture?