memories by Gracie Anderson ’21

they watch the sky fall back

remembering the past day

the way my childhood was put together

the rain hitting the slide on the playground on which i grew up

it left me confused

i was changed


the sun turned into the moon with one change

bringing the memories of my younger days back

it was all a blur with a look on my face that said confused

there were good days and there were bad days

the balloon left my hand and went up

we were always together


we traveled to the moon and back together

one blink, and my life was changed

staring out the plane window we kept going up

all i wanted was to go back

tears filled my eyes bringing me to that day

my life was in a state of confusion


the five-year-old self in me was confused

christmas morning all of us sitting around the tree together

my young days

when your little things change

i kept writing letters, but never got a response back

maybe i was wrong, but i thought we could only go up


my love for her went up

the heart of my younger self was broken and confused

i knew she was gone forever, and things would never go back

she was my mom and i was her daughter, we should be together

i wasn’t ready to change

i can’t think about the day


i was crying on the hospital floor, dreading this day

my mom left me and went up

this all broke me, with so much change

the story of my life was now a blur, and i would always be confused

i only had the memories

she was never coming back


my mind was gone and i was left being confused

my mom had left nothing, but memories

that is something i could never take back