wilted flowers by Alana Kabaka ’21

picking up the petals of the stupid game

he loves me he loves me not

he told her to keep her voice down

that her words were nothing but a road block

when she would cry

i put her head to my chest

i look her in her eyes

i tell her you are no damsel in distress

that she was born with two legs and doesn’t need

him to carry her to safety

she can walk there herself

thank you very much

she told me when her palms got cold

he would press his against hers

lock their fingers together

she said it made her feel safe

i told her you shouldn’t deem your safety

with his existence

i told her he locked his fingers to make sure

you didn’t run away

because he knew what he did was wrong

she was stronger then she made herself sound

she believed that she could only be happy with him

she must have forgot

she was put on this earth for 16 years

and for 15 of those years

she stood tall and proud without a boyfriend  

she must have forgot

there are things in this world bigger than her

that in this fairy tale

she doesn’t need a prince charming

that she can figure the world out on her own

she must have forgot

how strong she stands alone

that her dark brown eyes were beautiful

without being told so

that her skin a national treasure

that she had the most amazing smile

that reached into people at took out theri



she must have forgot how beautiful she is

it made me sad she forgot

she is precious

someone not to be messed with

it made me sad that she questions how amazing she is

she lays there tracing the outline of his body with her finger

it makes me sad she thinks she’s not strong enough

to fight a broken heart

i hope she never forgets

she’s no damsel

that’s a tired thought

that she doesn’t need him to carry her there

that her fairy tale doesn’t need a prince charming

that she stands tall by herself

so we can stop picking up these petals

of a broken relationship

that she

is better

off without