Not Enough Time by Emily Olson ’19

“OMG, can I be you?” “Wow, you look so good!”

I sit scrolling through my phone at these comments when I get home and the clock reads 3:30.

I tweet, post, like, share, comment, snap.

It’s 6:00 now. I don’t even realize it as my eyes are glued to watching Meredith beg Derek to pick her.

8:00. My head starts to subconsciously ache and is filled with thoughts of homework I should be doing. I click on another Cody Ko video.

11:00. Where did the time go? Did I really just waste eight hours? What was I even doing?


We live in a world where I look up at a concert and can see more phone lights than stage lights.

We have more chances of meeting someone online than in person, and there are people pretending to be someone they’re not on social media.

We see someone we follow on Instagram, but can’t get up enough courage to say “hi” in real life.

We force ourselves to go out on a Friday night because it’s what we are supposed to do, not what we want to do.

We sift through VSCO filters and see the ones titled “F1” “C2” “A5”, but will never find the ones we are really searching for.

Affirmation. Appreciation. Admiration.

The society we live in is ever changing, but often I wonder, are we the ones changing it, or is it changing us?

Do we really know that girl on the screen, or is she just a masterpiece of society?

Are we happy with our lives? Or just happy with the picture we have painted?


Tick tock, tick tock.

The longer I stare at the clock, the slower the time goes.

The things I want to speed up always seem to be slow,

the best things though, never last long enough.

We don’t realize we want something until it’s gone. We don’t appreciate someone until they’ve moved on.


This makes me think…

Time. What a weird thing.

I feel like I have an endless supply of it.

Like I have an invisible pouch stored away, full of seconds and minutes. Enough to fill a lifetime.

Enough time to reach in and take out more on the good days, but enough space to store away some on the bad ones.

Enough time to fulfill my dreams

Enough time to meet my soulmate and to travel the world

Enough time to figure out who I am, who I want to be.


I don’t though

I am not Peter Pan, we are not in Neverland, and this is not a fairytale.

I know this sounds morbid,

But people die. Things happen. Time runs out.

We must expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

We need to stop spending hours online- posting, texting, snapping, tweeting.

Stop spending time worrying about which filter to choose, or who we want to be on social media. We need to put down our phones at concerts and just enjoy the music.  

Because time is a weird thing.

There just never seems to be enough of it.