The Friend by Julia Hoover ’20

Six girls crying in the back of a church

Fighting off demons that torture and hurt

Beautiful temple, but tired and faint

Breaking hearts and chipping paint

Watching her crumble from the other side

Prison walls split and divide.


“Like I’ve fallen into a pit” she says.

“A pit I fell into, and can’t get out, but I can still see the sunshine, I can still hear the birds,

But I’m stuck in my pit and I will never get to experience those things again.”


She rolls up her sleeve.




This is bad 

This is really bad

I need to fix this

I can’t fix this

I have to tell someone

but she already did

Tell a trusted adult

Is one enough?


I’m just a kid

I need to say something

What can I say to fix-

What will make this better?

What do I say that isn’t clichéd?

Should I be crying?

What if she thinks I don’t care?


oh God I do care so much

this could have been so bad

She doesn’t deserve this

I have to fix this

This isn’t real

No way

Not to her


I can’t believe she has been going through this alone for so long

She doesn’t deserve this

NO one deserves this

If I could only take your pain

Fuck she’s crying

Fuck now I’m crying


“I had no idea”

“We are gonna get through this” 

“Why didn’t you tell someone?”

“We are always here for you”

“Anytime of night”

“I love you so much” 


I hold her hand

She can’t stand


“That’s totally fine, here I’ll help you up, lean on me.”

“Its ok to not be ok.”


I promise you

I will listen, I will always care

I will always try to be there


Please don’t give up.

please don’t lose hope.

Gonna find a way to throw you a rope


Please tell someone. Please get help. 

Fight the good fight. 

You are gonna be alright.