Fear Among the Walls by Angie Del Angel ’19

Fear is everywhere we go there’s no time we don’t come across with it

We carry fear like if it’s part of our identity

We run from our countries so we can live a life without fear and shadows

Coming to “the land of the free” trying to rebuild a lifestyle and traditions

Coming to a whole different place that we have no one to support us


At the beginning, there’s anxiety and a little fear but then as things start to evolve

fear comes to action and is more visible in our lives

Having a president that he wants to make america great again

By treating people that have darker skin feel like aliens than human beings


During the summer of 2018 families were in search of a better life

The families left all together but end up returning with half of the people they started with


Putting their children in cages like animals

The ICE monsters look so vicious and have a heart as cold as snow

Children crying non-stop and calling for their mothers

Little children experiencing fear everywhere they go

Having trauma with just being one year old

Having to grow up and survive by themselves without the help of their parents


This all seems that we are going back to the era of alienating races that look different

Just because of their skin color and their traditions

I understand you want to make america great again but you can use another method to accomplish this goal

I constantly have fear when I see a police car behind me when I’m driving

This fear was implied to me as a little as six years old because when my mom didn’t have a driver license she would say “no te muevas porque está la policía atrás.” “Don’t move because the police are behind us.”

My grandma would say “No voltes” “Don’t turn around”


Last night while I was writing this poem my dad came to my room and said that 5 cop cars were outside of the house

My hands became to sweat and my heart was beating fast

When I went to the window to see what was going on I saw my little brother so scared that the police officers were outside and he told me “no Angie no vayas a la ventana te van a llevar.” “No Angie don’t go to the window they are going take you away.”

He had a scared face, he looked like the kids crying in the news during the separations of families in the border


Is this how you want  little kids to view cops like hateful and violent figures

I remember when you weren’t here there were kids that wanted to be police officers when they grow up because they wanted to help others

Even I was a kid that wanted to become a police officer

But now watching the news police officers tackling people because they just want to

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to throw shade to all police officers

Because I am conscious that not all police officers are like this but the majority are


Fear is everywhere and it’s hard to overcome it

Trust me I know I’ve been through many different types of fears

But you have to be bold and stump on that vicious fear and destroy it

After all, you will become stronger and stronger

And will be able to surpass any fear that is floating around the walls