Tick Tock by Jane Hoyt ’19

Time transcends all human control

And to those who can’t bear the thought of no control

It is an enemy

A brutal force



It manipulates everything in its path

Causes cells to multiply

Until there are more dividing than normal

Until cancer is synonymous with old age



It creates barriers between those

Who have words spoken

And unspoken

Until there’s no point of speaking at all because of



The gnarled hands of time push through the back past the spine

Curling gentle joints around the heart the liver and the lungs

Squeezing and constricting

Until the body submits to the horrible ways of



It causes madness

Among those who fear it

And anxiety

Among those who delve too far into it



It drags the very flesh down

Until gravity has taken control

And the skin has succumbed

To the wrinkled nature of aging



It passes like a sports car in the left lane

Cutting you off

Slowing down when you need to get ahead

Speeding up when you need to pass

Blaring music

Tinted windows

Barrelling down the freeway

Yet it will never be pulled over

It is an unstoppable vehicle that can destroy anything on the road

In its way

Its destination an impalpable eternity



It heals wounds no drug or bandage ever could

Lessening the pain

Stitching together the skin of a broken relationship

Or a damaged mind



It enlightens the benighted

Plants new perspectives

Like Seeds

That sprout and thrive

In a parched brain that never sees the light

And never gets rain



It is a platform for opportunities    

In which loved ones mend

And absolve

Until it was like no time passed at all