Find your Voice by Kennedy Harris ’19

Quiet, discrete, shy. All things that you are I see you walking around all mellow and alone, Your always by yourself, I saw a girl who said hello to you, and all you did was look at her. Why didn’t you speak? Why do you never speak?

When people ask you questions, you never respond, you just sit and hope they don’t make eye contact with you. Why do you do that? Why don’t you answer their questions? You have to speak, You can’t just sit back and wait for people to talk to you, that may never happen If you want to make friends, you have to speak. You need to stop staring at others, expecting that they know what your thinking, because they don’t. They don’t know what you want to say

Don’t just sit there and wait, don’t sit there and stay silent, the world is passing you by. Your missing so much, because you won’t talk You need to talk, you need to speak, whether it’s in school, answering a comment, or just to say hi to your friend walking past you in the hallway. You need to speak

Where is your voice? Where are you hiding your voice? We all know you have one. So use it, It’s beautiful, you have a beautiful voice Why won’t you use it?

Are you afraid? Are you just shy? Or is it that you think that what you have to say isn’t the right thing? Everyone around you looks at you, already knowing your voice is small So use it, It can be big, It can be very big

I know, speaking is hard sometimes for you But you have things on your mind, you always have things to say, so just say it!

If what you think is something you want to be heard, even if others don’t agree, don’t just forget about it the way you do,

Don’t bury it beneath yourself, the way you have for years. You need to speak, you have to speak Find your voice.