For My People by Julio Marin-Beltran ’19

For my people, who travel unpaved roads under the beaming sun

Stunned by its reflection

Reflecting on the beauty of the goals ahead

Hardened by the sand beneath their feet


For my people, …mi gente de respeto y honra

(For my people…my people of respect and honor)

Cuidando por cada centavo ganado

(caring for every cent earned)

Mi gente, recordando la tierra de su sangre

(My people, remembering the land in their blood)

Respaldado por los sueños de una vida mejor

(Guided by the dreams of a better life)


For my people, who never give up

Who stand tall in the face of discrimination

Who break barriers in the face of ignorance

Who emphasize the meaning of family


Para mi gente que resistirá y lograra

(For my people who will defy and achieve)