Letter to Self by Julio Marin-Beltran ’19

Call your mother. Seriously, call her without reason, don’t wait until it’s Mother’s Day, or because you have something new to tell her, call simply because it’s the last thing she’s expecting from you. Call her, I’m sure she wants to hear from you, and if she doesn’t call, it’s because she doesn’t want to bother you, she knows you’re busy. But she doesn’t know that today, you are thinking about her. Call your mother, because those who don’t call their mothers while having every opportunity to do so aren’t someone to trust, even if you don’t say anything. Let her tell you, let her tell you all the things that you don’t remember. The nights she spent watching over you and the days she stayed up late and sacrificed to set the entire world at your feet, call your mother. Do not forget that one day you will miss her for real, realize that the greatest joy for your mother will be seeing you happy. So call her, make her smile, be silent and listen, and if she asks why you have called her, answer with three words, thank you, mom.